My Year of Eco Challenges!

Since starting this blog I have been really inspired by a variety of people and projects.  People and projects who in my opinion are helping to pave the way for a new era.  One where we aren’t so reliant on plastics or fossil fuels. Where we don’t routinely create a bin full of rubbish each week, we look after what we have, we make the most of it, we share it, we mend it and we recycle it.  We eat food grown as locally as possible, bought or bartered from people who can tell you in detail where it came from.  We use our skills and creativity to our full potential rather than immediately turning to large companies to fulfill all our needs and we bring our children up in the knowledge that new does not always mean nice.

Some of those who have inspired me include:

I want to follow in their footsteps, to take their advice, to push myself further and to keep myself accountable.  So I have decided to set myself a year of eco-challenges.  I’m not perfect, not everything I do is eco-friendly and thrifty and there is definitely room for improvement

Octopus energy

I have various ideas for what I could do – in fact I was thinking of setting myself a new challenge each month to last either the month or the rest of the year – and I don’t want to scare myself too much by committing to them all at once.  So I am going to start with one I have been meaning to have another go at for a while now –  I am going to go shampoo free again.  I am going to do it for at least a year this time.  I have already got going with this challenge a few days ago, but I will count today as the first day of the challenge.  Wish me luck!

When I get round to it (very disorganised I know) I plan to set up a sponsorship page on the DoNation so that if you like, you can sponsor my challenges with actions – it would be really appreciated!  Otherwise feel free to join in by taking on the challenges too and let me know how they go for you!

UPDATE:  I have now created a DoNation page so please click on this link to sponsor my year with an action – thanks so much!

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