More flowers!

We are really lucky to have several beautiful well established rose bushes in our garden.  As I mentioned recently I am not a fan of shop bought flowers and with roses like these in my garden, I really don’t need them!  These roses look beautiful indoors and out!

Just over a week ago my husband picked some and I displayed them in this vase.  They lasted about a week indoors which is pretty good going…  The ones left outside are just going past their best now, so I have decided not to bring any more indoors.  However there was a weed that had been trampled on near our recycling bins, which seemed to be doing pretty well considering the attempts to squash it, so I decided to cut it and display it in a vase!  I think it looks really pretty!
Here is a picture of the squashed weed!

Here it is looking much more attractive in a vase!

What flowers have you been picking from your garden?  Let me know in the comments below!
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