The great thing about homemade oatcakes is….

Since giving up sugar, instead of making oat and raisin squares I’ve been making Scottish oatcakes. They are a really healthy, filling snack and go well with a variety of dips and toppings.  I’ve been trying out different recipes, but the other day I tried out this one from Penny’s Recipes.  
One great thing I’ve discovered about making my own oatcakes is that they don’t have to be round.  They can be crocodile shaped too!  My kids love oat cakes, so I didn’t need to make them animal shaped to get them to eat them, but I don’t seem to have any round cutters and crocodile ones are far more fun!
I followed the recipe fairly closely, however I substituted the exact weight of melted butter for olive oil.  The water I used was only lukewarm, so I left the mixture a little while to absorb the moisture and then it was far easier to roll!
I baked my oatcakes on stoneware, so they took a little longer to cook and then stored them in an old ice cream tub.

I’m not going to lie, most of the crocodiles broke into pieces.  My children are getting crocodile body parts instead of whole crocodiles, but I think that they will like them just as much anyway…  Part of the problem was that by the time I cooked them I had to run straight out the house to do the school run.  This meant that I didn’t have any time to let them cool down and harden up before putting them in the ice cream tub.  I may also need to do some more experimenting on the oil / water ratio.

Crocodiles might not be the most sensible shape, but hearts or stars or other less fiddly shapes would probably work well and the kids will love them.  What shape do you make your oatcakes and do you know of an oatcake recipe that uses oil instead of butter or vegetable spread? If you do please share it in the comments below – thanks!

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